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I don't get to spend a lot of leisure time on the computer anymore since the arrival of my first child, so my pc doesn't get booted to windows much anymore. But when that does happen, I like to play a little Hearthstone. I'm VERY excited about the upcoming Standard format, btw. But recently I had run into a strange problem with the would never, you know, actually LAUNCH. Every time I tried to start it up, it would get stuck saying "Updating" but would never move forward.

I tried all of the "solutions" in the forum threads my googling uncovered. I deleted files, tried uninstalling, manually deleted all the files and tried to reinstall a fresh copy. All to no avail, always the same problem. Then I stumbled on to a small nugget of wisdom at the end of one forum thread. See the thrid from last post? From the guy named Bull? This man speaks the truth!

netsh in tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

I opened up the command line, entered that command and BAM, started right up. Once this solution reared it's head, I remembered something. A few months ago I upgraded my internet service to 1gbps from Suddenlink, after that I noticed that my download speeds were much higher while booted to Linux vs Windows. So I set out to tune my tcp settings, in true lazy sysadmin fashion while dealing with my home computer, I made some changes ran a tool that auto tuned TCP, noticed a nice increase in download speeds and promptly forgot about it. Not until turning TCP autotuning back on did I remember the changes that I had made.

The moral of the story is always document your changes, or at least test that your games still work after you jack around with the network settings in windows!